Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Welsh Wales oggy oggy oggy

Minnie and Colin ready for The HEART OF WALES working terrier and lurcher show

Keith and i carefully stock up the caravan fridge with a few essentials for the weekend
got there after 7 hour across country,the band was in full swing we had set up camp

gave up on the amber nector time to hit the WKD'S
COMPETITION TIME...What was that bloke next to me drinking???

Keith struggled with a few gallons of larger

must be getting near to throwing out time
can not remember the rest of the night but i did get a very nice welsh dragon chair,i lost Kieth
Gavin lost his jeep,Ritch lost his boots on the fire,James thru all the patio furniture on the fire and Minnie lost one of her nails!!!!

1 comment:

  1. That bloke looks scary.
    Looks like you packed the essentials Billy.

    A good night by the looks of it as for the WKD it's lethal not surprised you lost the rest of the night.Lol