Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mooching Minnie

Out with the Minx tonight,since she has not been well she had lost a lot of muscle
Had to nip to the shop so i took Min in case we could see any rabbits for her to have a bit chase
She seems "up to speed" again......at last game on

#1 nice clean dog and kill

#2 getting the taste again

#3 ran into her this one

#4 getting messy now,i think that's it for tonight.
4 in the bag for my mate Kiki tomorrow.

*this was on private land and with permission*


  1. Go get em girl!!!! She is still gorgeous Billy even with her face all bloodied up.

  2. Go get um, Minnie. Practicing to look the part of a working gal for the weekend show?
    We got fingers & paws all crossed for you and Colin.