Friday, 31 July 2009

On the road

Well, we are here! But, Dad has just left us sitting here while he tinkers around. Doesn't he realize that we want to go have fun? Why else did we make this long trip? HURRY UP DAD! We did not tolerate bathes and grooming, to sit in our houses doing nothing. SHEEZE!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Home again from Holiday

Hi All,
I have missed the blog as much as I missed my Bedly gang. Now Billy tells me is going away and leaving everything in my hands this week. Tee Hee Hee! Time for us to play and have a good time while the Cat is away.
First thing, I have a little contest for all of you. I got to see a part of the USA that I have never seen before. And, I discovered something that I hope you all will enjoy. Where I live, it is quite flat. And, in Arizona, where I visited, it is desert and mountains. So, I got some nice photos of the mountains even though it was a hazy day. And, to my surprise, I found a Bedly looking at me from the mountain. I am enclosing a couple of photos to see if you all can find the Bedlington, too. The first person to circle it and send it back to me, there will be a little American Bedlington Gift in the mail to you!

Here are the pictures of the mountain. Hope you all can find the Bedlington looking back at you, too. Have a go at it and send your response to me at: I will publish all the responses with the dates and get the prize off to the winner.
I will send off some other pictures later of the wild west of Arizona’s flora and fauna. It is a beautiful place. Hard to believe it is in my own country, since it is so different from where I live.
Ok everyone, GO! Will also post you news of Billys travels as I hear from him.

Mary Lou & The Woofs

another gipcyan mission

The pikey van is loaded up,Miss Pie groomed,Minnie and Colin had a bath.
Off to the NBTC champ show on saturday then down to meet John Glover at Brails for a spot of vermin hunting.
Sunday a visit to Lesley and to see John for his birthday and back up to Sunderland on the monday.
Lesley has booked me into the caravan site next to the Crown at Brails village so all being well and i can keep out of the bar i shall have a bizzy weekend.
Plenty of photos when i get back.
Mary Lou has just returned from a mission to Thorn City so she will be keeping things going while i am away.

Monday, 27 July 2009


Traditional dog names a dying breed

Owners are being influenced by celebrities, sports stars and their favourite snacks, with names like Dizzee Rascal, Ronaldo and Kit Kat proving popular choices, the survey found.
The poll also indicated that dogs are increasingly being thought of as part of the family with the entire top 10 consisting wholly of human names.
The most popular name was Molly, with Poppy and Charlie making up the top three.
James Furse, managing director of Greenbee Pet Insurance, which conducted the survey of more than 12,000 names, said: "With the top 10 dog names all human names, it's clear that more and more people are thinking of their dogs as another member of the family, rather than just a pet."
The top 10 were: 1 Molly, 2 Poppy, 3 Charlie, 4 Max, 5 Alfie, 6 Millie, 7 Jack, 8 Rosie, 9 Daisy, 10 Ruby

not a Colin / Minnie / Betty / Olga / Ben or Pie in sight,

Monday, 20 July 2009


Well i had this great idea,to keep my working dogs fit i often nip down the park and have a game of football with them.

The NBTC champ show is in a couple of weeks so i thought i would take Miss Pie with them to tone her up a bit.

Minnie and Clolin are not known for there Patience as Pie decide to bite them instead of the ball.

Think i will have to go back to plan B for Pie............DOHH!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Minnie update

As you can see Minnie looking loads better than a few months ago.Still got a bald strip down her back but all her fur has grown thru now,she has turned into a real sandy now it was like starting all over with new fur

Day out at Coniston

First stop The Bluebird Cafe for a spot of light lunch

minnie decided more interesting things in bush's and up trees,miss olga looking on

next stop Ruskins.this is the engine off Bluebird

plenty to look at,and photograph

found Donalds grave

minnie pooped

miss olga pooped

minnie assuming the crash position for the trip home

miss olga out like a light

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Etymology: earlier gipcyan, gipsen f. EGYPTIAN, from the supposed origin of Gypsies when they appeared in England in the early 16th C

people often ask me how i came about my kennel name,well i wanted to keep in the theme of the Gypsy Dog but did not want to use the more common terms used.a bit surf of the super information highway and i came up with the above.


Coniston or bust

sorry but nothing to do with bedlingtons.

January the 4th 1967 Donald Campbell while attempting the world water speed record on Lake Coniston in his jet powered hydroplane BLUEBIRD K7 crashed at 300 mph

In march 2001 a team of divers from Newcastle raised the Bluebird from Lake Coniston.It is being rebuilt at North Shields which is about 5 mile from me,

they are planing to run her up in november of this year.

link to the Bluebird Project

At lake Coniston you have the Bluebird Cafe

and the Ruskin Museum

so i am thinking a run over the lake district is in order tomorrow to check these places out and to find a good spot for when she hits the water again.

It just so happens that Coniston Country Fair is on tomorrow with a working terrier and lurcher show,so it looks like the girls will be getting a ride out as well
this is all weather permitting, 4 days it has been pissing down and it dont take long for England to get bogged down or flooded.

Friday, 10 July 2009

a book to pass the night away

LOL.....who is going to buy this...i ask you

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Further Adventures of Scotty & Troi!!!

Hi All,

Here is the update on Troi and Scotty in South Florida, Their Mum sent me these pics yesterday. A family portrait and Troi relaxing.
Mary Lou & The Woofs

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hi from Sunny Florida,

Just found these pictures in with the stuff that was in my motorhome. Thought that you might like to know that not ALL of my dogs hunt game, but live with it as friends. This is Troi Bedlington and Scotty Macaw. They live in south Florida with their Mom, Karen, who is an underwater photographer.

Karen has hardwood floors and it seems that she has bought the knotted ropes for the animals, and Troi has learned to tow Scotty floor surfing thru the house.

Hugs & Slurps,
Mary Lou & The Woofs

For those who might be interested, here is a link to Karen's Photography website. She is an award winning photographer and works hard to bring awareness to the decline of our coral reefs off the coast of Florida.

Underwater Photography at fantaSeas by Karen Christopher

Momma Karen's Underwater Photography

Troi & Scotty meeting for the first time

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Found this on an american site,looks like some opinions are shared worldwide

Don't Drink The Water

thankyou to my friend Ruth in the USA for sending me this.

Dog owners warned of toxic algae in ponds due to heatwave---------------------------------------------------------Dog owners have been warned not to let their pets swim in ponds and lakes because of a deadly poisonous algae which is thriving in the heatwave. In the West Midlands dead fish were found floating in a park due to oxygen depletion from the algae and the fountains in Trafalgar Square had to be closed because of the green slime. It has also caused trouble for gardeners and fishermen.Vets have now raised concerns that dogs diving into lakes and ponds are at risk of being poisoned by ingesting a toxic blue green algae called Cyanobacteria.Mark Johnston, of the British Small Animals Veterinary Association, warned pet owners to keep dogs away from lakes or ponds where the poisonous algae is growing. He said although blue green algae is usually rare, due to the successive hot days it has become more commonplace. "If blue green algae is in still water you should not allow animals to swim," he said.A resident of Lodsworth, West Sussex [in the south of England], almost lost her 5 year old collie, Cassie, after the dog went swimming in Petworth Park National Trust Lake [] and drank some of the algae. "There is a 4 to 5 hour window from ingestion of the poisonous water to death," she said. "Fortunately we were able to get to a vet who knew what to do and saved Cassie's life. I certainly wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we have been through -- so even if your dog is desperate to cool off in this hot weather, make sure it is in a river or the sea."Charles Williams, a vet, gave the dog adrenaline and 2 and a half pints of fluid to rehydrate it. After his initial life-saving treatment he rang toxicologists at the Veterinary Poison Information Centre for advice on the algae and how to treat its effects."They described Cassie's case exactly and we were able to build up a picture of her problem," he said. "At one point I thought we were going to lose her but within half an hour we began to make inroads. She is a very lucky dog."Mr Williams warned other dog owners to steer clear of stagnant ponds particularly those which looked turgid and green. He said if pets show symptoms of illness shortly after leaving water, have acute salivation and pale gums they should be taken to their vet immediately."Blue green algae is an extremely poisonous substance and from the 1st signs dogs can die very quickly," he said. A spokeswoman for the National Trust at Petworth Park said signs were now being placed around the pond. She said: "We are aware of the algae and we have put up warning notices telling people not to let their dogs or their children play in the water."

i know when i have the dogs out in hot weather it is tempting to throw them into a lake to help them cool off,shall have to think twice now!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009