Monday, 26 March 2012

Ferreting in Boston

off to Boston for a bit ferreting with our Chris
Minnie "open the box"
our Chris with one of the little hunters
Minnie and Issacc,take a break
Ready for a bolt
Any one home
Minnie as happy as a pig in mud
Got ya....
Time to go to the pub

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Show pony time

this year sunday the 8th April at the Fox Hall Inn just along from scotch corner is the place to find Ron and his 2012 show list.That will be the Fell and Moorland WTC
Selby game fair will be on that weekend as well
And on the sunday i will be in shirt and tie for Easton and Barnaby limit show in Yarm
bizzy as a bee that weekend

Newark gun show

it was off to Newark gun show
look what i found...."THE FOX DROPPER"

but the weapon of chice just had to be the trusty old AK 47..........classic
could not wait to get home to field strip it......

and apart from shotguns YILDZ make bedlington terriers in Sweden!!