Monday, 3 August 2009

The lost warriers finally check in

Well, Billy thinks he needs a bigger Jeep to pull the caravan. This one is bogging down.

Isn't this a pretty typical English countryside picture? Everyone looks like they might be having fun.

WOW! What a lovely venue for the NBTA Show. Everyone looking lovely.

Don't the Bedlingtons look wonderful against the green carpet. The NBTA should be very proud of this showsite. It is lovely.
Well, Billy finally got a signal for the laptop so he could check in. He is still a couple of hours from home just taking a quick snack break along the highway.
We are safe for that long, til he gets to the blog and sees that we have been playing while the cat was away! YIKES! That's OK, he will go off again and we can find something to keep us occupied while he is off. TEE HEE HEE!
Til then,
Mary Lou & The Woofs

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