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Nancy's post to me:

Well Daimler was terrific yesterday and got his Open Jumpers title-(OJP)--he is having so much fun--I'll I can do is smile!

Here he is wearing his title and placement ribbons--(don't get excited about the hairdo--I wet him down before he runs so he doesn't overheat)

I am not sure if I sent the one of Johnny before--but I thought they make great bookends as they sit on the "throne" wearing their title ribbons (Johnny's pic was when he won his Excellent title (AX)--

Hi All,

I am just getting loads of great news today about the Bedlington family. These pictures are from Nancy Kostaliba , who lives in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. These two boys are littermates from a litter grandsired by one of my old Champions, Ch. Marikov Sam I Am. That would make them Ancesters of Billy’s Miss American Pie & Harley and Bud that you have seen on here, with their catch of the day, the possum.

Nancy has done us all proud with these 2 boys, by first getting their conformation championships and then taking them into performance classes here in the states. Both obedience and agility.
The boys will both be 12 years old this next spring. And, they are both still competing in performance events and loving every minute of it. And, showing the world that Bedlingtons are smart enough to do just about anything that they and their owners enjoy doing together.
Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nancy, Diamler & Johnny!!!!!!! Thank you for doing the Bedlington community proud.

Mary Lou & The Woofs

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  1. two very happy looking dogs there
    well done