Friday, 21 October 2011

Mooching at Robin Hood

Minnie the Minx enjoying night time activities at the camp site
Miss Colin and Issacc were not far behind her...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Robin Hood

Minnie Colin and Issacc on there side of the van
Issacc with his pot after the BTA
Camp Gipcyan,great site in Newark and it was wick with rabbits at night
All the posettes off Newark and BTA,only came 2nd at Newark bloody dog will not let anyone go over him on the ground,going to tie him to a tree and flog him

BTA saturday

1st in Post Graduate....wiped the floor i was the only on in that class
2nd in Limit dog....yes yes i know i should have won it,the dog on the left was first?????
3rd in Open dog...just look at all the happy faces at a KC show,should have come at least 2nd in this class
2nd in Not bred by owner,this is one of the pointless KC class were you do the maths for the places
Last but not least 1st in Working Bedlington,well Issacc was the only dog there capable of doing a days work.

all in all a good day,apart from limit dog the judge was spot on all day with his choice,
well done Mr Lockett,i will show under him again

Monday, 10 October 2011

at at

The Bedlington Terrier

The Match

well i live close inuff
Decided to go and watch Bedlington Terrier FC
Bedlington 0  Consett 2
At least i got a pressy for my friend Lesley while i was there


that time of the year again and Betty has her bath and trim

Minnie,Issacc,Colin,Pie and no room for me

Ben can not be cumphy