Monday, 29 March 2010

Bubba Home for a Visit

Hi All,

Well, Bubba has been here for 10 days with his doggy family. The younger brothers & sister are big enough now, that a great time was had by all. (Of course, I am exhausted!) I think Bubba is going to be shown. His Mum is excited about it. And, once I get him to relax, he is VERY pretty. Sandra, I think you have every right to be extremely proud of what Billy Bob is siring.
Bubba is almost 13 months old, and look at his colour? He has his Mum's density and his Da's texture. As soon as the legs get grown in completely, we will be set to go.
Enjoy the pictures. I am well pleased with the way all of Billy Bob's wee one's are shaping up. Will post soe of the younger one's in a few days.

Mary Lou & The Woofs across the Pond

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Newton Aycliffe today

Whisper Best of Breed
Issacc Best Puppy in Breed
just us two there again

1st Puppy
Best Puppy in Breed
Group 4 Puppy
2nd AV Terrier

Miss Pie came 2nd in open and got best opposite sex

what a judge we had today,did not show any interest in a terrier and did not know his ass from his elbow !!!
but he did get it right just luck i think.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Eston limit show today
1st and BOB Whisper
2nd Miss American Pie
3rd and BPIB Issacc

issacc and pie
totally went into muppet mode today along with julie
we both went into AV terrier and AV puppy without thinking and got beat!!!!
DOHHH!!!!! so we were not in best in show
not all lost tho...WE WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN...................LOL

Murton terrier and lurcher show
this time last year we started this blog

typical black bedlington found at working shows

you can just make out the old and new cricket house
so dont worry lads the bar will be open next year

on the way home i took Issacc up to Tunstall Hill to see if he could get a few lessons off Miss Colin

lead off and let him have a sniff .....when we could get Miss Colin out
going up with the Minx next time

1 today

well ALTERNATIVE BEDLINGTONS is one year old today
i will try and keep this Anglo American show/working blog as full as i can with help from
Mary Lou in the USA

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sporting Terrier

Issacc in the "not seen line up" for Best Puppy in Show

Whiper came 4th in Best in show
Issacc came 4th in Best Puppy in show

Murton Working Terrier and Lurcher show tomorrow,
AT LAST the working shows start

Sunday, 14 March 2010

two days and 800 miles takes its toll

Miss Pie and me hit the sofa

Grand dad Jazz

congats to Carmell with Jazz who was top sire for 2009
Jazz is Issacc's grand dad,so i hope i follow the rest of Jazz's offspring


This years winners.................................................................



O DEAR.......Was the judge trying to say English Bedlingtons are rubbish !!!!!
i went into overdrive with my import Miss Pie.............

Thursday i was doing Discover Dogs,i had Issacc and Miss Colin with me,this is Ewa from Yildiz kennels in Sweden keeping an eye on my two

Heffin Jones gathering up his mob for walkies

i really enjoy doing discover dogs it gives people a chance to see the working bedlington

Day 2,and here we have Marikov Miss American Pie at Gipcyan up on the table

so many oversea visitors this year

19 in my class,never got anywere this year but it was well worth it just to show a dog at crufts.

so there we have it,i do hope british breeders do something to get us back on winning form next year,plus it will save me importing

Friday, 12 March 2010

Crufts Report

Billy Bob and Molly are waiting to hear what is going on at Crufts. Billy Bob is getting ever so impatient!!!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

am off to Crufts

well its off to Crufts tonight,Ch Miss Coiln ready for a bit of a trim and wee Issacc is going too.
Discover Dogs tomorrow then Friday terrier day with Miss American Pie (us imp)
i am taking the laptop so if anything happens you all will be the first to know

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

i blame the owners

Asbos for dogs, or "Dogbos", may be introduced under changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Other government proposals include forcing dog owners to insure themselves against the risk their pet will attack someone and requiring them to microchip their mutts.
The "Dogbo" orders, or Dog Control Notices, would allow police and council officials to insist owners muzzle, leash or even neuter their pets.
The measures are designed to tackling the growing problem of vicious animals being bred for use as weapons.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Another mention of 16" bedlington

anyone any idea when the standard went up from 16" then,this seems to be 1960

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Getting ready for Crufts

CH Miss Colin at GIPCYAN after her first trim for crufts
i spend more time on my working bedlingtons for crufts than i do with the show ones
part 2 tomorrow

Gateshead show

ISSACC today at Gateshead,did not do well at all today one second and Miss Pie got first, but she was the only one in it.

decided to check the judge out he was going over the dogs a bit strange today

Black Russian Terriers ... Mr Alan Mease bit different from Bedlingtons,could not get on his web site so i had a look on good old who his best friend is.........

ok new tactic check on facebook see who is pally with who before i waste my time and money......................


AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!! the SUN is out in Sunderland
what a lazy bunch..................