Sunday, 2 August 2009

Just updates

Don't you expect to see a cowboy riding up and an indian chief following him?
Prickly Pear Cactus (These the leaves and bloom are both edible and quite tasty, I must say)

Mesquite Trees are everywhere. They are used extensively here and in Mexico for flavoring BBQ meats. The bark is burned along with the charcoal.

Barrel Cactus. I think everything there has thorns!!!!! But they are all pretty this time of year as they do have very exotic blooms.

Hi All, I am glad to say we got some response to our Find the Bedly Contest.

First - Tina & Susan tied posted at the exact same time.

Next - Julie

Next - Mel

Will be getting the prize in the post this week. Thank you girls for proving that I am not crazy. I also see things in cloud formations!

Have not heard a word from Billy since he and the girls got there. I sure hope he and John did not get lost in the forest while the girls were hunting. And hope the dogs all caught their game.

To take up a bit of space, I am including a few more pictures from my holiday in the old Southwest of the cowboys & indians territory from lore.

Have a great week. And, we will see what we can get going the next time Billy goes off and leaves us to play.

Mary Lou & The Woofs


  1. I HAVE SIGNAL.good god it is bloody useless way down south,just say got to use my mobile phone and then that was with it on the fridge in the van at 45 degrees to the door and didnt pick it up!!!!
    on my way home now at Woddhall service station frying up the last of the bacon and got a brew on,should be home for 6
    i may need a power nap afrter my bait

  2. Yes power naps help as you get older!!

  3. Tha cacti are lovely-don't think I'd like to eat the prickly pear unless it was an emergancy!

  4. Hi Tina,
    G. It is really very good, after it is cleaned and the spines removed. I got to try it in a chile sort of dish while I was in AZ. They also pickle it and sell it in the grocery stores. That cactus also grows here in FL. So, I am going to try fixing it myself. Like when I was in England, I will try anything that is FOOD! (Wonder why I don't lose any weight?) DUH!

    Mary Lou & The Woofs