Sunday, 30 August 2009

Catch up time


Hi All,

I have been remiss in my posting. First off, Sandra and Norman sent me updated pictures of Poppy's puppies, which I had not gotten posted.
Then, we have to follow up with pictures of Billy Bob & Molly's son, Bubba, who came to visit his family for the weekend and get a groom while his Mum took a little trip. Bubba has sure grown up in the last 2 months. He is now a young gentleman. Especially after his trim. We think we might bring him out to some shows with his Dad this winter. I didn't want to let him go home today to his Mum. We all enjoyed having a baby in the house again. And, the fact that he is a very CHEEKY CHAP, sure didn't help. He is sooo cute.

Also, big congratulations to Billy & Miss Pie on their qualifying for Crufts at the Scottish KC Show today.

Hugs & Slurps from the USA,

Mary Lou & The Woofs


  1. Hi Mary Lou Bubba looks terific especially with his coat colouring. Do hope you are able to show him this winter.

  2. Hi Lesley,
    We have great hopes. Don't want to bring him out til he is ready to win, one, two, three. I truly think he got the best of both parents. Daddy's leg and topline and Mum's head and coat. But, I think he is going to hold some colour.
    If the economy doesn't get better, none of us will be showing anything! YIKES! I see that your economy is not much better than ours.
    Love Poppy's puppies. They are getting sooooo cute now.

    Mary Lou & The Woofs