Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Groom day

Miss Molly playing cool

Billy Bob & Molly, the shadows

Billy Bob ready to pounce on Brother Lil Man

Billy Bob taking a minute break

Well, for what it is worth, the kids all got groomed today. HAH! Like they care. It was immediately out the door to play in the wet grass and roll and tumble. Oh well, I guess they are happy kids. But, they are shadows of one another. When you see one of them, you see the other. Billy Bob definitely knows that Molly is his girl.
It will be a quiet weekend, as Billy is off to Wales for a show with the working girls and I am off the Lake WALES, US to groom dogs for the weekend. I will be back on Sunday and Billy will be back on Monday. I expect to see some win pictures on Monday night! Go git um Minnie & Colin.

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