Sunday, 30 August 2009

Catch up time


Hi All,

I have been remiss in my posting. First off, Sandra and Norman sent me updated pictures of Poppy's puppies, which I had not gotten posted.
Then, we have to follow up with pictures of Billy Bob & Molly's son, Bubba, who came to visit his family for the weekend and get a groom while his Mum took a little trip. Bubba has sure grown up in the last 2 months. He is now a young gentleman. Especially after his trim. We think we might bring him out to some shows with his Dad this winter. I didn't want to let him go home today to his Mum. We all enjoyed having a baby in the house again. And, the fact that he is a very CHEEKY CHAP, sure didn't help. He is sooo cute.

Also, big congratulations to Billy & Miss Pie on their qualifying for Crufts at the Scottish KC Show today.

Hugs & Slurps from the USA,

Mary Lou & The Woofs

Miss Pie in the Highlands

Off on a mission to Scotland today to try and get Miss Pie to Crufts

Well good news when i got there only two in my class
and then they abstained

Soooooo,first place and off to Crufts
dead easy this KC stuff compared to working shows

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dance round ya handbag

Getting ready for my trip up to Scotland tomorrow

Not a lot happening with the dogs this week so here is my Hannah,

she has been to a cheer leading dance competition today.She came third and

this is the picture they get to mark the day

Monday, 24 August 2009

AS IF!!!!!!!

Our Tina often disappears on a "fishon mission"
and look at what she drags out the!..

Don't think i would fancy grabbin hold of that.
Beat it over the head and set the dogs on it more like it.

Miss Colin looks in control

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mooching around

Bizzy day not just a terrier show
we start with 'hole digging'

5 teams this year,the idea is to dig a hole so a plastic barrel about 3' tall 2'wide will fit in.

they are off. 5 mins to dig as deep as they can.After 2 mins i was knacked just watching

It was a dead heat between these two teams,so after a 5 min rest they had 2 1/2 min to decide the winner.
Why do they do this?.Well they get a comp mug each stuffed with 100quid and all the carling larger they can drink
They second two lads won but not only that they were defending champs from last year

A working meerkat keeping an eye out for airborne predators

They did not have far to look as this lot was next to them

Uncle Keith keeping an eye on Minnie and Colin

All done and its back to the caravan for a well earned powernap a spot of supper and chill out with a "FEW" bottles ready for the 7 hour drive home the next day.

Well thats it from Wales,next show is a KC show in scotland,some how i do not think it is going to be anywere near as good as a working show.

Show Time (the morning after the night before)

Minnie and Colin with the hangover from hell.
We all rolled in at 6.30,then some numpty phones us at 11.00.."get down the field we on at 12"

ok.full english breakfast..cup of tea 4 fags and 2 paracetimols

bedlingtons all over the place

they were every were

puppy class 6 took part,and one patterdale

Miss Colin in bedlington bitch
she was looking good

Got a third with 9 bitch's in the group

Bedlington dog with 8 dogs

6 in the pairs,this is the final 3,we came 4th

More bedlingtons,this one looks like he been on WKD as well

and Best of Breed
not quite sure if it was a full bedlington but looked nice

PART 3 Around the how ground to follow

Welsh Wales oggy oggy oggy

Minnie and Colin ready for The HEART OF WALES working terrier and lurcher show

Keith and i carefully stock up the caravan fridge with a few essentials for the weekend
got there after 7 hour across country,the band was in full swing we had set up camp

gave up on the amber nector time to hit the WKD'S
COMPETITION TIME...What was that bloke next to me drinking???

Keith struggled with a few gallons of larger

must be getting near to throwing out time
can not remember the rest of the night but i did get a very nice welsh dragon chair,i lost Kieth
Gavin lost his jeep,Ritch lost his boots on the fire,James thru all the patio furniture on the fire and Minnie lost one of her nails!!!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009




Nancy's post to me:

Well Daimler was terrific yesterday and got his Open Jumpers title-(OJP)--he is having so much fun--I'll I can do is smile!

Here he is wearing his title and placement ribbons--(don't get excited about the hairdo--I wet him down before he runs so he doesn't overheat)

I am not sure if I sent the one of Johnny before--but I thought they make great bookends as they sit on the "throne" wearing their title ribbons (Johnny's pic was when he won his Excellent title (AX)--

Hi All,

I am just getting loads of great news today about the Bedlington family. These pictures are from Nancy Kostaliba , who lives in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. These two boys are littermates from a litter grandsired by one of my old Champions, Ch. Marikov Sam I Am. That would make them Ancesters of Billy’s Miss American Pie & Harley and Bud that you have seen on here, with their catch of the day, the possum.

Nancy has done us all proud with these 2 boys, by first getting their conformation championships and then taking them into performance classes here in the states. Both obedience and agility.
The boys will both be 12 years old this next spring. And, they are both still competing in performance events and loving every minute of it. And, showing the world that Bedlingtons are smart enough to do just about anything that they and their owners enjoy doing together.
Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nancy, Diamler & Johnny!!!!!!! Thank you for doing the Bedlington community proud.

Mary Lou & The Woofs

Quiet Weekend

Here are the boys!

Here is the whole gang!

Hi All,

Well, I have not heard word one from Billy & the girls. Hope they are having fun and doing some winning, too.

I did get a nice post this morning from Sandra & Norman, with a pictorial update on Poppy's puppies! (Try saying that 3 times in a row!) They are getting to the CUTE stage now, and will soon be at the lots of work stage for Sandra & Norman. When the growls start, and the bouncing and tumbling. I love that stage, even if it is more work. Love to watch them try to run and fall over their own feet, grab one another in play fight mode and just be devilish little puppies. That is what keeps me breeding from time to time, even when I have to face a setback or heartbreak. Uncle Billy Bob is very proud!

As always,

Mary Lou & The Woofs

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Groom day

Miss Molly playing cool

Billy Bob & Molly, the shadows

Billy Bob ready to pounce on Brother Lil Man

Billy Bob taking a minute break

Well, for what it is worth, the kids all got groomed today. HAH! Like they care. It was immediately out the door to play in the wet grass and roll and tumble. Oh well, I guess they are happy kids. But, they are shadows of one another. When you see one of them, you see the other. Billy Bob definitely knows that Molly is his girl.
It will be a quiet weekend, as Billy is off to Wales for a show with the working girls and I am off the Lake WALES, US to groom dogs for the weekend. I will be back on Sunday and Billy will be back on Monday. I expect to see some win pictures on Monday night! Go git um Minnie & Colin.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mooching Minnie

Out with the Minx tonight,since she has not been well she had lost a lot of muscle
Had to nip to the shop so i took Min in case we could see any rabbits for her to have a bit chase
She seems "up to speed" last game on

#1 nice clean dog and kill

#2 getting the taste again

#3 ran into her this one

#4 getting messy now,i think that's it for tonight.
4 in the bag for my mate Kiki tomorrow.

*this was on private land and with permission*