Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Show Time (the morning after the night before)

Minnie and Colin with the hangover from hell.
We all rolled in at 6.30,then some numpty phones us at 11.00.."get down the field we on at 12"

ok.full english breakfast..cup of tea 4 fags and 2 paracetimols

bedlingtons all over the place

they were every were

puppy class 6 took part,and one patterdale

Miss Colin in bedlington bitch
she was looking good

Got a third with 9 bitch's in the group

Bedlington dog with 8 dogs

6 in the pairs,this is the final 3,we came 4th

More bedlingtons,this one looks like he been on WKD as well

and Best of Breed
not quite sure if it was a full bedlington but looked nice

PART 3 Around the how ground to follow

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