Thursday, 6 August 2009

Puppy Update!!!!!

Looks like 4 Bedlys in a pie instead of 4 & 20 blackbirds!

We are growing already.

Got these pictures today of Sandra & Norman's babies. They are growing like weeds. I am so jealous of Victoria getting a new baby. (G)

Mary Lou & The Woofs


  1. Me two Mary Lou.
    They are fab little ones i have a strong hankering for a liver puppy as my two are blue but im having a battle with my other half over a new puppy as he is happy with our two so who knows what will happen as i have always got my own way in the past Lol x

  2. hi karen.i think there is still a dog going in the litter!

  3. Well Vitoria you are in for a treat!! We have had so much fun since we picked up Lily from Sandra and Norman> She is a little minx - but an adorable minx!!
    Good luck with your new addition - are you thinking of names yet.

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  5. They certainly look good,strong pups.

  6. Hi Victoria.
    It's a shame i would love one but commitments & a stubborn husband mean i can't even think about getting a pup at the moment.
    I will just have to make do with looking at the photos.