Sunday, 16 August 2009

Quiet Weekend

Here are the boys!

Here is the whole gang!

Hi All,

Well, I have not heard word one from Billy & the girls. Hope they are having fun and doing some winning, too.

I did get a nice post this morning from Sandra & Norman, with a pictorial update on Poppy's puppies! (Try saying that 3 times in a row!) They are getting to the CUTE stage now, and will soon be at the lots of work stage for Sandra & Norman. When the growls start, and the bouncing and tumbling. I love that stage, even if it is more work. Love to watch them try to run and fall over their own feet, grab one another in play fight mode and just be devilish little puppies. That is what keeps me breeding from time to time, even when I have to face a setback or heartbreak. Uncle Billy Bob is very proud!

As always,

Mary Lou & The Woofs

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  1. Absolutly adorable really wish i could have one but my o/h has put his foot down this time.
    Im so not his friend.