Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mooching around

Bizzy day not just a terrier show
we start with 'hole digging'

5 teams this year,the idea is to dig a hole so a plastic barrel about 3' tall 2'wide will fit in.

they are off. 5 mins to dig as deep as they can.After 2 mins i was knacked just watching

It was a dead heat between these two teams,so after a 5 min rest they had 2 1/2 min to decide the winner.
Why do they do this?.Well they get a comp mug each stuffed with 100quid and all the carling larger they can drink
They second two lads won but not only that they were defending champs from last year

A working meerkat keeping an eye out for airborne predators

They did not have far to look as this lot was next to them

Uncle Keith keeping an eye on Minnie and Colin

All done and its back to the caravan for a well earned powernap a spot of supper and chill out with a "FEW" bottles ready for the 7 hour drive home the next day.

Well thats it from Wales,next show is a KC show in scotland,some how i do not think it is going to be anywere near as good as a working show.

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