Sunday, 19 July 2009

Minnie update

As you can see Minnie looking loads better than a few months ago.Still got a bald strip down her back but all her fur has grown thru now,she has turned into a real sandy now it was like starting all over with new fur


  1. Minnie looks lovely Billy. How old is she?

  2. hi gwen,minnie as well as miss colin and her other sister betty boop,will be nine in september.

  3. Hi Billy, I did'nt know they were sisters, they are gorgeous, especially Minnie. I have 3 beddies. Scamp my blue & tan boy who is 3. Candy my sandy girl who has just turned 2 and looks exactly like your Minnie. And then Misty my blue Bojen girl who is 2 in September.

  4. Hi Billy
    Like Gwen i didn't know they were sisters either.
    Just curios but how did you come by Miss Colin for a name?
    They are lovely girls.

  5. miss colin,well,years ago the was a prog on the telly called spaced,the girl had a min schnauzer and she calles it colin.i thought what a daft name for a dog,now,in my grooming studio every black dog that came in i called it colin and got used to the name,so when i went for my bedlingtons i said if i get a blue i am calling it colin dog or bitch.
    the miss bit of the name came a few years ago when i bred mr ben with betty boop,i kept a puppy friend in the usa ruth schnider has adopted her and she calls her miss olga,my american bitch is called miss american pie(miss pie) now we have

    CH Miss Colin at GIPCYAN.

    i hope that makes sence

  6. Er sort of...
    Thanks Billy now i know Lol