Saturday, 18 July 2009

Coniston or bust

sorry but nothing to do with bedlingtons.

January the 4th 1967 Donald Campbell while attempting the world water speed record on Lake Coniston in his jet powered hydroplane BLUEBIRD K7 crashed at 300 mph

In march 2001 a team of divers from Newcastle raised the Bluebird from Lake Coniston.It is being rebuilt at North Shields which is about 5 mile from me,

they are planing to run her up in november of this year.

link to the Bluebird Project

At lake Coniston you have the Bluebird Cafe

and the Ruskin Museum

so i am thinking a run over the lake district is in order tomorrow to check these places out and to find a good spot for when she hits the water again.

It just so happens that Coniston Country Fair is on tomorrow with a working terrier and lurcher show,so it looks like the girls will be getting a ride out as well
this is all weather permitting, 4 days it has been pissing down and it dont take long for England to get bogged down or flooded.

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