Thursday, 30 July 2009

Home again from Holiday

Hi All,
I have missed the blog as much as I missed my Bedly gang. Now Billy tells me is going away and leaving everything in my hands this week. Tee Hee Hee! Time for us to play and have a good time while the Cat is away.
First thing, I have a little contest for all of you. I got to see a part of the USA that I have never seen before. And, I discovered something that I hope you all will enjoy. Where I live, it is quite flat. And, in Arizona, where I visited, it is desert and mountains. So, I got some nice photos of the mountains even though it was a hazy day. And, to my surprise, I found a Bedly looking at me from the mountain. I am enclosing a couple of photos to see if you all can find the Bedlington, too. The first person to circle it and send it back to me, there will be a little American Bedlington Gift in the mail to you!

Here are the pictures of the mountain. Hope you all can find the Bedlington looking back at you, too. Have a go at it and send your response to me at: I will publish all the responses with the dates and get the prize off to the winner.
I will send off some other pictures later of the wild west of Arizona’s flora and fauna. It is a beautiful place. Hard to believe it is in my own country, since it is so different from where I live.
Ok everyone, GO! Will also post you news of Billys travels as I hear from him.

Mary Lou & The Woofs


  1. Hi Mary lou I've emailed you so hope that you receive it ok-not very technical I'm afraid!!

  2. Well, we got a few replies for the contest. And, you all proved to me that I was not crazy! You all found the Bedly on the mountain. And, I managed to have a tie for first place between Tina & Susan, and the Julie poped up today and Mel right behind her.
    You girls are too good. I'll bet you can see things in clouds, too.
    Congratulations to all of you and we will think about another contest we can run in the near future. Prizes off to Tina and Susan straight away. Enjoy.