Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hi from Sunny Florida,

Just found these pictures in with the stuff that was in my motorhome. Thought that you might like to know that not ALL of my dogs hunt game, but live with it as friends. This is Troi Bedlington and Scotty Macaw. They live in south Florida with their Mom, Karen, who is an underwater photographer.

Karen has hardwood floors and it seems that she has bought the knotted ropes for the animals, and Troi has learned to tow Scotty floor surfing thru the house.

Hugs & Slurps,
Mary Lou & The Woofs

For those who might be interested, here is a link to Karen's Photography website. She is an award winning photographer and works hard to bring awareness to the decline of our coral reefs off the coast of Florida.

Underwater Photography at fantaSeas by Karen Christopher

Momma Karen's Underwater Photography

Troi & Scotty meeting for the first time


  1. Bless them did they actually kiss or did troi get a pecked nose ?

  2. Hi Karen,
    It was something that should have been on video. Birds check things out, with their tongues, which is what Scotty was about to do. That made Troi jump back, but, he came right back up cautiously toward Scotty again. This time, as he got close, Scotty turned his head to look at Troi. When he did that, Troi, in typical Bedlington fashon, slurped up over the whole side of Scotty's face. At that point, it was Scotty who jumped back, shook his head and gave Troi a look, like YOU SLIMED ME!!!! It was way too funny and made me realize that sometimes you make different choices. I had been very leary of putting this Bedlington where there was a Macaw, because Macaws can break bones if they decide to bite. But, Troi & Scotty are best friends now for several years. I will add a family portrait to the blog, that their Mom sent to me yesterday

    Mary Lou & The Woofs

  3. Thats fab Mary Lou i wish i could of seen it.
    Im just way too soppy over animals it's beyond belief, That picture made me smile all day.
    Closest iv'e come to a macaw was in Tenerife it sat on my shoulder and proceeded to pull my hair ouch but i forgave it !!
    Nice chatting to you again.