Sunday, 21 March 2010


Eston limit show today
1st and BOB Whisper
2nd Miss American Pie
3rd and BPIB Issacc

issacc and pie
totally went into muppet mode today along with julie
we both went into AV terrier and AV puppy without thinking and got beat!!!!
DOHHH!!!!! so we were not in best in show
not all lost tho...WE WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN...................LOL

Murton terrier and lurcher show
this time last year we started this blog

typical black bedlington found at working shows

you can just make out the old and new cricket house
so dont worry lads the bar will be open next year

on the way home i took Issacc up to Tunstall Hill to see if he could get a few lessons off Miss Colin

lead off and let him have a sniff .....when we could get Miss Colin out
going up with the Minx next time

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