Monday, 29 March 2010

Bubba Home for a Visit

Hi All,

Well, Bubba has been here for 10 days with his doggy family. The younger brothers & sister are big enough now, that a great time was had by all. (Of course, I am exhausted!) I think Bubba is going to be shown. His Mum is excited about it. And, once I get him to relax, he is VERY pretty. Sandra, I think you have every right to be extremely proud of what Billy Bob is siring.
Bubba is almost 13 months old, and look at his colour? He has his Mum's density and his Da's texture. As soon as the legs get grown in completely, we will be set to go.
Enjoy the pictures. I am well pleased with the way all of Billy Bob's wee one's are shaping up. Will post soe of the younger one's in a few days.

Mary Lou & The Woofs across the Pond

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