Saturday, 6 February 2010

ZEBEDEE'S first show with the Diva

Issacc and Miss Pie in the jeep 7am -5deg and foggy as hell and we are all off to Issacc's first show.

Took for ever to get there with fog and road works and when we did the place is just so cold.

Issacc was on first in graduate,brushed him up then out side for a walk about calm him down.


Mark went in the ring first(only 2 of us there) when Issaacc decided he wanted to kill Marks puppy

So off he went into Zebedee mode,couldn't hold him still on the floor or the table.Trying to keep him still....he wanted to look at everything,smell everything and kiss the judge.
O well try again next week.
So out comes Miss Pie she knows what she is doing...wrong lol she went into " i am not going to move today and when i get on that table i am going to lean so far over you better catch me" mode
I am never going to beat Marks goody two shoes dogs....dammmm....more training

any way well done Mark ill bring the muzzle next week


  1. Well done Mark for winning and Billy for your 2nd place in the av class.

    It is very dissapointing when there are beddie classes and a low entry hope more dogs next week!!!

  2. It is disapointing, the problem is that people have to be selective in their shows if they wish to travel. We have far to many shows scheduling Bedlington classes in the North East, to do them justice. The number of exhibitors is also not there any more.

    Billy, maybe your dogs were a little hot & bothered in their woolly coats LOL

  3. "selective in their shows" good answer

    i think Issacc was frightend Mark,poor thing the sight of your puppy towering over him put the willys up him. LOL

  4. See you down at Midland Bedlington Terrier Billy, at the weekend. Bit of competition for us all.

    Shame about your puppy dog been frightened, not a good trait in a bedlington!