Thursday, 4 February 2010

now this looks handy......sometimes

now with 7 bedlingtons kicking off this looks like the ideal cure.................


  1. This proceedure has been in existance here in the states since at least the early 1970's. It is a big help for people who do live in appartments, etc. The dog still can bark. But, there is just kind of a wooshing sound made. But, for dogs that are used for hunting, as yours are or mine, this is not a great idea! (G)
    This was very popular among Shetland Sheep Dog owners, as they tend to be very vocal, as they are a herding dog. But, if they are a pet that lives in town with close neighbors, their ready bark can get VERY annoying.
    I don't think the proceedure is as popular here as it used to be. I am sure that is due to some of the ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS making a fuss over it. Consequently, there are very few Vet Surgens that will do the surgery, even though it is a very simple proceedure.

    Mary Lou & The Woofs