Monday, 1 February 2010


Dear AllI am asking you to help us in our search for our little dog taken on the 26th of January 2010.I have attached a poster and a picture and would ask you all to print some of these posters off and display them in your local post offices,newsagents, hairdressers, petrol stations, riding schools, football clubs, local pubs etc. In fact anywhere that they will be seen by lots of people. If you can't print them off call me on 07854 159868 and I can arrange to send you some.Our dog, who was at work with Geoff (she went everywhere with him) , was stolen by a man with an Irish accent and he was driving a silver transit van .He had gone into the yard looking to sell cheap beds or buy scrap batteries. Instead he took Lizzie.We are informed that he and his two companions ( the driver in his late 30's and two younger guys are dark haired and quite clean and tidy) travel around the UK visiting small garages and other businesses - they buy scrap batteries, sell cheap beds and TV's etc and fix roof and tarmac drives and fell trees. Geoff and I have visited every legal and illegal gypsy camp that we can and these men are not known to them (they say). During our search we have found this is not the first time he has stolen - he took a Rottweille a few months ago and he stole a jet washer from Durham a couple of weeks ago. He also changes his registration often and his van sometimes so its hard to track him down. The police have drawn a blank so far. We have advertised in the local press and so far only had crank calls - as if we are miserable enough!We are particulary interested to get the word out in Northumberland and North Yorkshire, Yarm , Redcar and Middlesborough. He has been seen in Sunderland and Newcastle too. We believe he may be know as Mr Barton in the Darlington area. If you know anyone who can help us in this area that would be great.Can you ask your friends to help us too please? Forward them this email or give them my number. Its important that we get the message out that the reward is more valuable to him than our dog will ever be. Also - please be extra careful with your dogs - especially if, like Lizzie, they are friendly with people. It only took him seconds to pick her up and drive off.Thank you. I know that you know what our mutts mean to us and know that you will help us all you can

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  1. they'll tell you they don't know the blokes but they will do-I'm afraid the travellers all stick together-bou I really hope that you get your dog back