Monday, 25 May 2009

Spring in the USA

Good morning everyone. Since I don't have a Bedlington Fun Day coming up to anticipate, I have to spend my time on other spring activities.

When I went out of my back door a week ago, I discovered the Cardinals had built their nest in my Gardenia Bush right by my back door. And, all of the tropical plants are in full bloom in my yard.
The ones pictured are called Bromiliads and grow in the shade under the big oak trees. So, that is what I have to content myself with for the moment and of course, my two great hunters, Pie's uncles, Harley & Bud. And Billy Bob's kids, Bubba & Midge slept thru it all after having the breakfast.
I hope you all have a great time next weekend at the Fun Day. Like Trish, wish I could be there.

Also, Victoria, thank you for summing up about why people should be going to dog shows. You said it better than all of us so called, adults!!!!!
Til next time,
Mary Lou & The Woofs in sheep's clothing


  1. how come the lizard has a tail???
    did Billy Bob miss it???

  2. (LOL) That lizard lives in the back yard and Billy Bob goes out in the front lawn. And, that lizard has been with me for several years by my sitting area. He is about 8 inches long, now, and he might even be too fast for Billy Bob. He is one of the few that still have a tail. The front lizards are most all missing their tail or are growing them back in some stage or other.

  3. What lovely photos' Mary Lou-the kids look exhausted!! I used to have a bromiliad plant -it was in a fish tank with either gerbils or garter snakes(I can't quite remember which)

  4. mary lou what great photo,s the pups are looking lush luv julie

  5. Hi Girls,
    Thanks for the compliments. The Bromiliads come is so many different varieties, and they all have really special blooms in every colour you can think of.
    Just thought you all might enjoy seeing what grows & thrives in Florida, from plants to birds to lizards. I know that I was thrilled with the different plants and animals that I got to see in the UK.
    The pups got a lot of their Daddy, Billy Bob. But, they seem to be getting their coats from Mum. Unfortunately, that is what it takes here in the USA, to be able to win in the show ring. Many of our judges do NOT know a correct coat for a Bedlington.
    Mary Lou & The Woofs

  6. Hi Mary Lou what lovely photos, I suppose it is tropical in Florida and you get all the pretty birds . We did spend 8 weeks in Orlando when Jon was sent home from Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. We hired a Condo but did not travel very far from Orlando. Gosh that was a long time ago!

  7. Hi Lesley,
    It is considered semi-tropical here. But, the plants here are real different from the north part of the USA. And of course, many, many bird species here. And, I won't even go into all the little reptiles and BIG bugs we have.
    If you and Jon were in Orlando, FL., you were about 15 miles from my house. I live 15 miles southeast of Orlando International Airport.
    Mary Lou & The Woofs