Wednesday, 20 May 2009

need help from the KC show folk again

this was posted on one of the american sites i am on from someone in the UK........

No...not going to Bath though I /would/ have done, but it is a non-CC show and I am getting visitors from Sweden for a fortnight and we are all off to the European winners show in Dublin..Going to very few shows this year because i won't waste my time under judges whose opinions I do not takes 4 days out of my week to get to shows...much better spent in my garden when the judges are a waste of space!

does this mean you only go to shows were you think you will be placed?
do you only go to shows were CC's are on offer?
seems a bit pointless showing at all with this attitude!!
win or loose i still enjoy just showing a dog and having a good chat with everyone...


  1. C'mon who was the author???
    Where are you and Diane stopping for the fun day?

  2. LOL! I think it was Billy's favorite nemesis from Scotland!!!! I seem to remember reading that post on our Bedlington-L blog. I guess she has a busy year coming on.

  3. She hasn't blogged on here yet!

  4. Hi Tina,
    She doesn't like working Bedlington people, because they took over the blog that she started!!!!! LOL

  5. So is there a difference between show and worker people-Too common??? LOL

  6. LOL I guess you are right, too common!!! If that is the case, I am glad I am a common person. And, that is why Billy has one of my dogs. He may not be a STOCKMAN with a fancy kennel, but his dogs live with hime everyday of their lives, as mine do with me.
    I have 33 Conformation Bedlingtons to my credit in the past 20 years. And, each and everyone of them would/did hunt vermin any chance they got. That tells me that they meet the standard for a Bedlington Terrier.

  7. we enjoy showing jack win or lose if people stoped takeing there dogs to because thay didnt think thay didnt think thay get bob surely we lose the classes we are very common

  8. out of the mouths of babes.......nice one victoria.
    bet you are looking forward to the fun day and Jack? its a while since he has seem Miss Pie...