Tuesday, 19 May 2009

minnie back out

miss colin joins minnie for a bit dig tonight

just trying minnie on a few bunny holes,dont want to have to dig her out

looking good she is totally on the mend,

back to the big hole

plenty of power digging down and realy keen


  1. great to see you doing what you love

  2. Miss Betty looks like a new YANKEE dog. Very Svelte. And, the girls look to be having a grand time in the bunny holes. We all need to learn to have more FUN with our Bedlys.

  3. Betty looks fantastic no longer a Miss beach ball, and lovely to see Miss Minnie back to her old self

  4. well congratulations on getting betty's weight under control,she looks a different dog.Minnie is definately feeling a hellava lot better!