Saturday, 27 June 2009

Florida in Summer

Good morning everyone. We hope you are all enjoying your summer, as we are sweltering here. Billy Bob is thinking he made a mistake coming to the USA. Billy Bob says, "We have to spend the biggest part of our days indoors. And, Mum gets upset with us, as we have so much energy that we play rough games in the house! But, what else are we supposed to do? It is boring to stay inside all day."
We had a little excitement yesterday afternoon. We had a visitor come to see us. Her name is Daisy and she is staying here with us for the whole month of July. Yippee. Miss Daisy is a Cockapoo. She is fun even if Miss Molly does get upset over me playing with her. Daisy thinks I am VERY cute when I do spins to impress her or perch on the back of the couch and pounce on her. So, I do have to spend a little extra time with Molly, so she doesn't get hurt feelings. (Especially after she caught me in Daisy's bed with Daisy!!!!)
Well, I have to run, the girls are calling. It is sooo exhausting being a sex symbol.
Molly sends love and slurps to sister, Miss Pie. Til next time.

Slurps to everyone,
Billy Bob


  1. billy bob you little flirt lolol

  2. Hi Billy Bob. It has been very hot here too and the misquitoes are HORRID!! My girls spend most of their time indoors too. It is like a tropical jungle here. They do love the AC thought and also get a bit wild with the running and chasing inside. Doggy toys EVERYWHERE!! Throw rugs never laying flat on the floor, always pushed up in a heap. Try to stay busy with your friends.

    Smooches from us all here in Ocracoke
    Trish, Rose, Greyson, Willo, Amelia & Storey.

  3. at last we are getting some sun,while every one in england was baking in the sun here in Sunderland we had sea fret and mist.past few days have been great