Monday, 29 June 2009

Broughton show

Mr Ben

Miss Colin

Minnie the Minx

it was hot at the rained all night before i left so i went prepaired for mud and rain,how wrong i was.
it was a nice little show let down by a judge again,alarm bells started ringing when i went in for veteran with miss colin,i went over to him and he patted her on her head ...and that was it
i did not bother going in for the bedlington class just took advantage of the good weather and a walk around the show


  1. Minnie The Minx sure is looking like a new dog. Go Minnie!

  2. Hi Billy what happened to poor Minnies face sorry but im way behind the times on this.
    Great site.
    Glad she is all healed now.

  3. It's ok have read rest of Minnies story so now i know.