Monday, 18 June 2012


Classic bike show at Southwell

Could not get it any cleaner

The bobber in the line up
Beaten by a bloody girly scooter

some other things at the show


  1. Good to see people are still playing with Anglias.
    My Anglebox estate looked bog standard except for the biggest tyres thay would fit on standard rims, and outrageous front negative camber caused by classic, disc struts and lower links.
    An early formula ford engine with a 45DCOE Weber carb made it into a car that embarrased the local Beemers on the drag to Reading every morning. Apart fom the centre bearing in the flywheel and the 4 branch manifold it bolted straight in.
    Engine blew at 8000RPM on the A4 one morning when the blueprinted, high profile, long dwell cam broke on the way to work. Never went well after that!!!
    Happy days