Sunday, 29 November 2009

Billy Bob Puppies Update

Hi All,

First, congratulations to Billy & Miss Pie for their class win at Cleveland today! Looking good. And, Congrats to Julie on her BOB win. Yeah!!!!! Both Bedlys looked great today.

Well, Billy Bob & Molly's family are growing like little weeds. They are 18 days old today and are starting to open their eyes. I know that Molly and I are going to have loads of fun once those eyes are all open! NOT! This photo session was fun, as they are now very active and were hell bent on making an escape from the sleigh. Everyone has about tripled their birth weight and we have not even begun solid food yet, even though they all try to get their Mum's scrambled egg in the morning!

The little sleigh and wagon in the pics are handmade by my guy, Bob. He is quite the woodworker. And, I do most of the painting. (That is the easy part)
Hope your weather there is as good or better than ours. It has turned chilly here. I hate it, but the dogs go crazy in this weather. They race around like crazy things.
Until next time.
Mary Lou & All The Woofs

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