Sunday, 18 October 2009

Baby Home for Visit & Trim

Hi Gang,
Here are picys of Billy Bob & Moly's kid. He is 10 months old now. And, look at the colour he has? He is a very pretty boy. I think he got the best from both parents. He is small yet. But, his Dad, Billy Bob stayed small til he was over a year old. Bubba is 15 1/2" at the shoulder now. I am assuming he will get another inch of growth, to put him right in the center of male height. I am well pleased with him. So is his Mum, Amy. He is a very pampered little fellow.
He is his father's son in personality!!!! Not afraid of the devil, and into everything!!!!! He has had a ball here this weekend with his doggy family. He and Billy Bob & Lil Man have worn themselves out. But, he likes snuggling with his Mum, Molly.
Til next month.

Mary Lou, Bubba and all the Woofs


  1. thankyou Mary Lou for the update,i all ways like to see my first american bred pup
    it will not be long before we have your fist english bred pups over here

  2. Gorgeous look for him and what a lovely colour