Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gipcyan/Jukenblu crew kick ass at Kildale show

so off we went to a cold windy field in the middle of no were

Julie stars off with a bit motherly advice.
which was "just chill out girl"
good advice cos it was bloody chilly up there

wallop strait in with a first in sporting dog or bitch,good entry with 25 dogs and bitch's
this was with Whisper

then another wallop with Best of Breed,not a bad start
so BOB to Whisper,her other dog Piper got to the final 6

up next was Betty Boop at Gipcyan

What a girl
1st in most sexy dog or bitch with about 30 entered in that class
1st in Veteran dog or bitch

Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu

highlight of the show had to be "the tallest thistle" yerrr

and then "the bail of hay"
i think second place was robbed,better luck next year
so that is it till next week when we are off to Darlington Championship Show