Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Pack up the dogs for a bit fun before the bike show
load up the bike for the show

bit mooch on the chuck farm,the bloke wanted rid of the rabbits digging holes thru the pens
got an Issacc Asbo t shirt from Newark auto jumble
went for a mooch the night before the bike show and found a bar in the middle of a field

scramble and mad free for all
and here we go bike in the ring , stay cool
judge time , stay cool
and the best post 90 bike goes to the Gipcyan Bobber
best in show was a 1950 motor guzzi
now its off to the Champion of Champions show at Uttoxeter


Revesby game fair

load up the jeep and off for the weekend in Lincoln
Asbo with that bloody fox,suppose to be for the lure
the ferret stand
Champion kit
the havens opened and everyone left when i got down to the terrier race,so seeing as i was the only one there they gave me first prise with Issacc
dunno how that got there!!!!!!!!!

Uplands Bullx finals

Off to the Uplands Bull X finals with Duke the Haazard
just so happens there was a terrier show...Issacc only got beat off an Aireview beddy....still in shock...again
my mates dog Floyd the one on the left won the championship...well done

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hekington game fair


Jacob and Miss Colin
Issacc with the lure
another wining weekend
Jacob gets a new pal
the ferret stand
Ferret and Bedlington display team
Jacob collard up ready for some play time
new toy for the lure
finish off the weekend with fireworks............