Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Solo Starboy

1st Open
Best of Breed
2nd in Group


something for the pub quiz

i have took this off a Terrier site i visit

The Animal Collective

a herd of antelope
an army of ants
a shrewdness of apes
a congress of baboons
a culture of bacteria
a cete of badgers
a sleuth of bears
a lodge of beavers
a flight of bees
a flock of birds
a sedge of bitterns
a sounder of boar
a chain of bobolinks
a clash of bucks
a herd of buffalo
a rabble of butterflies
a wake of buzzards
a flock of camels
an army of caterpillars
a clutter of cats
a herd of cattle
a flock of chickens
a cartload of chimpanzees
a herd of chinchillas
a bed of clams
a quiver of cobras
a rag of colts
a bury of conies
a cover of coots
a flight of cormorants
a band of coyotes
a siege of cranes
a float of crocodiles
a murder of crows
a herd of deer
a pack of dogs
a pod of dolphins
a drove of donkeys
a bevy of doves
a paddling of ducks
an aerie of eagles
a swarm of eels
a herd of elephants
a gang of elk
a mob of emus
a business of ferrets
a charm of finches
a school of fish
a swarm of flies
a skulk of foxes
a colony of frogs
a gaggle of geese
a horde of gerbils
a corps of giraffes
a cloud of gnats
a herd of gnus
a drove of goats
a charm of goldfinches
a band of gorillas
a skein of goslings
a leash of greyhounds
a covey of grouse
a colony of gulls
a group of guinea pigs
a husk of hares
a kettle of hawks
a prickle of hedgehogs
a brood of hens
a shoal of herrings
a crash of hippopotami
a drift of hogs
a nest of hornets
a herd of horses
a cry of hounds
a charm of hummingbirds
a clan of hyenas
a band of jays
a smack of jellyfish
a mob of kangaroos
a deceit of lapwings
an exaltation of larks
a leap of leopards
a pride of lions
a lounge of lizards
a herd of llamas
a plague of locusts
a tiding of magpies
a sord of mallards
a richness of martens
a nest of mice
a labor of moles
a troop of monkeys
a herd of moose
a pack of mules
a watch of nightingales
a family of otter
a parliament of owls
a drove of oxen
a bed of oysters
a company of parrots
a covey of partridges
a muster of peacocks
a colony of penguins
a bouquet of pheasants
a flock of pigeons
a farrow of piglets
a wing of plovers
a chine of polecats
a pod of porpoises
a passel of possum
a coterie of prairie dogs
a covey of quail
a bury of rabbits
a gaze of raccoons
a colony of rats
a rhumba of rattlesnakes
an unkindness of ravens
a crash of rhinocerouses
a clamor of rooks
a run of salmon
a pod of seals
a school of shark
a flock of sheep
a den of snakes
a walk of snipes
a host of sparrows
a dray of squirrels
a murmuration of starlings
a muster of storks
a flight of swallows
a bevy of swans
a flock of swifts
a drift of swine
a spring of teals
an ambush of tigers
a knot of toads
a hover of trout
a flock of turkeys
a nest of vipers
a colony of vultures
a mob of wallabees
a herd of walruses
a pack of weasels
a pod of whales
a pack of wolves
a warren of wombats
a fall of woodcocks
a descent of woodpeckers
a herd of yaks, and
a zeal of zebras

Monday, 13 December 2010

Wudrusjuk Work Of Art

Isla yesterday at the LKA
Bitch CC and Best of Breed

congrats Tina and Tony

Issacc at the LKA



Look what was at the LKA show yesterday

this is ASHA owned by my friend Lesley
it was like looking at a 1860 cigarette card picture
by far the best looking dog at the show
Bring back the good old days

Monday, 6 December 2010


life size Bedlington bust

a snip at $3000

in a galaxy far far away all bedlingtons will be like this...

Gunpower Stealth

got a new toy last week
i haven't seen a single living vermin since i got it
watch this space

only in Japan

how cool is this groom..................

Miss Pie will look good like this

2 weeks of snow

Well what a time we are having in the NE

snow and sub zero temps for 2 weeks now

3 shows have been cancelled even the vermin seems to have dug in

should be back to normal next week

Linder Winter are you reading this

full story of this puppy farmer here